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September 30, 2022

Socialist Alliance changes name to Romanian Communist Party

The Socialist Alliance party has changed its name to the Romanian Communist Party (PCR) during an extraordinary Congress that took place on Saturday. Party leaders claim that the new PCR is a modern party adapted to contemporary times and they hope that it will enter Parliament in 2012. “The difference between the Communist Party of 2010 and the Communist Party of the 1960s-1970s-1980s is given primarily by current realities. It is natural for us today to no longer talk about the pre-1989 Communist Party because the country has changed and times have changed. This party comes against the backdrop of a handicapped political system. The current Romanian political system lacks a left hand and the lack of normalcy is natural given this situation,” Constantin Rotaru, president of the new Romanian Communist Party, stated for Realitatea TV. “We believe that we will enter Parliament in 2012,” he added. The Romanian Communist Party of 2010 has a new doctrine in line with the requirements of the national and global economic and political context. Its purpose is to be the party of all Romanian citizens “that are good patriots, honest fighters for truth, justice and dignity,” a communiqué remitted to Agerpres informs.

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