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January 27, 2022

Electrica power supply branches to merge into single entity

Electrica’s power supply branches Transilvania Nord, Transilvania Sud and Muntenia Nord will fuse into a single unit – Electrica Furnizare, under government draft resolution originated by the Economy Ministry. This new legal entity will have electric power marketing as its main operations object and will be authorized to carry related operations under the laws in effect. “After the Electrica Furnizare enterprise is set up, relevant authorities will issue, or modify, depending on the case, the approvals, authorizations, the permits and licenses required for this company to operate, within a maximum of 30 days since such requests are submitted. The company will operate for 30 days on the basis of supply licenses of the branches going to merge, an interval during which they need to obtain own operation licenses under the regulations in force,” the draft resolution reads.

The employees of the disbanded companies will provide work force for the new entity. The three soon-to-merge companies were established by Government Resolution 675 on June 27, 2007, as part of the Electrica branch downsizing process. The operation seeks to improve the operational framework and the economic and financial status of the newly established company and diminish spending by making changes in the organizational structure of the enterprise.

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