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September 24, 2021

ANI law referred to president for promulgation

Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase yesterday announced the National Integrity Agency (ANI) law was set to leave for promulgation, having noted that the lower chamber’s Standing Bureau called in session yesterday could not sit because of lack of quorum, with PSD and PNL representatives missing from works. She further said PDL would sponsor a bill to include the provisions already adopted by the Chamber of Deputies with regard to the agency, set to be tabled in Parliament after the summer recess. Anastase said she hoped the law would be improved and ANI would be given more powers that way.

The Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee of the lower chamber, Daniel Buda, on Tuesday urged Anastase not to refer the reviewed ANI law for promulgation because the Chamber of Deputies had ultimate decision-making power on the article that brings back into being the wealth probing panels which the Senate had removed.

As decision-making chamber, the Senate last week adopted with 115 votes in favour and two abstentions the new ANI law that had been reviewed upon President Traian Basescu’s request. The senators adopted the Legal Affairs Committee’s report that only retained some of the points made by the head of state, while also correcting some of the former provisions that had been ruled unconstitutional. The Senate voted in plenary sitting against the extension of the statute of limitations on the verification of financial disclosure statements from one to three years and against the reinstatement of the wealth probing panels.

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