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December 5, 2022

PNL-PSD fight over dissolving sector administrations

PNL leader Ludovic Orban accused PSD President Victor Ponta of impertinence and inexperience after the Social-Democrat had said that, unlike the former, he thinks before he speaks. ‘I think it is impertinent for Mr. Ponta to say that, but it is excusable because of his age and inexperience,’ Orban told Mediafax. Victor Ponta had accused Ludovic Orban of rushing to accuse the Social-Democrats of lack of reaction to the new normative act PDL was believed to be working on in order to dissolve sector administrations.

‘Ludovic Orban rushes and, unlike him, I think before I speak. I do not know the kind of proposal PDL has made. As far as I am aware of, we are meeting in the General Council, the councillors of PSD and those of PNL are allies in the Council and I cannot say who Ludovic Orban is mad at. I believe at this point we have many more other problems to attend to, both we and the Liberal, and we will certainly address the matter of Bucharest too’, Victor Ponta said.

Previously, Orban had claimed the Government was about to adopt either a law or an emergency ordinance to abrogate sector administrations whose competence was going to be taken over by the General Municipality and that PDL was actually after the Capital’s budget totalling more than EUR 2 bn.

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