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February 3, 2023

FM Baconschi opens new consulate in R. Moldova

The opening of the two Romanian consulates in Balti and Cahul is a milestone in the new stage of relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, Romania’s Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi said at the inauguration ceremony of the Balti consulate.

“There are premises for the two consulates to be milestones in the new stage of bilateral relations,” the minister said, adding that “we do a good, lasting deed and will sow the seeds for a new historic phase.” Minister Baconschi said this was made possible by the good cooperation between governments in Bucharest and Chisinau. “We stand testimony to how fruitful the cooperation could be between the governments of Romania and the Republic of Moldova, how good an impact the understanding between Bucharest and Chisinau has on citizens’ lives.”

The head of Romanian diplomacy also said this is the first presence by an EU member state outside Chisinau. The Romanian minister expressed his wish for the consulate to become a landmark in Europeanism for Balti residents.

In his turn, the minister of foreign affairs and European integration of the Republic of Moldova, Iurie Leanca, said the inauguration of the two consulates is a defining moment for the relations between the two states, which shows that once the new government in Chisinau was in place, ties returned to their normal course, based on European values, pragmatic relations and common interest.

Leanca also stated that the Republic of Moldova too will soon open a consulate in Iasi, with talks being underway for a Romanian consular office also going to open at Ungheni.

Also Friday, FM Baconschi had bilateral talks in Chisinau with Leanca. The two dignitaries outlined the importance of maintaining the pace of bilateral dialogue at both political and sectoral level. Aside from the success represented by the creation of the Cahul and Balti General Consulates, Bacon­schi emphasised the significance of the Mihai Eminescu Cultural Centre opening in Chisinau, and expressed the wish the centre would open in late September of this year.

Foreign State Secretary Robert Cazanciuc said at the opening ceremony of Cahul Consulate that the enforcement of the small border traffic agreement will be simplified, as the applicants won’t have to travel for hundreds of kilometres to get their permits from Chisinau consulate.

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