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May 24, 2022

ShortsUP presents most popular short films of 2009-2010 season

This season’s last ShortsUP event proposes a retrospective review of the most popular short films at Cinema Uranus, on Saturday July 17. The most popular short films screened at the ShortsUP events in 2009 and 2010 are being brought together by the season’s last ShortsUP before the holidays. Whereas production for the Long Night of Short Films had been selected by international judges of high-profile film festivals, the films to be screened this coming Saturday have been chosen by the public during a full year of events. It will be a true urban picnic with lots of comedy, live music and a ‘picnic snack’ outdoor cooking session. Most films in the programme are sparkling comedies such as Oscar winning ‘The New Tenants’ (photo) directed by Joachim Back, or BAFTA nominated ‘Heavy Metal Drummer’ directed by Luke Morris and Toby MacDonald, but there will also be unforgettable bitter dramas such as the Cannes and Cesar nominated ‘Des morceaux de ma femme,’ directed by Frederic Pelle. The event is going to start with a ‘Jazzadezz’ concert – Romanian band in the region of downtempo/neo-folk whose music – member says – ‘does not involve bashing one’s guitar against a wall, shaving off one’s hair on the sides and growing a crest in the middle of the top of the head, but just wants to squeeze some butter out of the hearts of people who need something to spread on the dry slices of bread on their plates.’ Tickets to ShortsUP Open Air on Saturday can be bought on the night of the event from Cinema Uranus. For RON 20 one gets access to everything in the programme of the event: concert and film screenings. Uranus 144 (former E-Uranus) is the outdoor film theatre located between the People’s House and the ‘George Cosbuc’ Flower Market (behind The Ark).

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