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September 18, 2021

Pensioners threaten with new protests if pension tax enforced

Preda Nedelcu, president of the National Federation of Pensioners, stated on Thursday that he has sent President Traian Basescu and Premier Emil Boc an open letter asking them not to approve taxation of all pensions, pointing out that the retirees will start new protests if they do. Nedelcu stated in a press conference that the National Federation of Retirees opposes President Basescu’s proposal on taxing all pensions, Mediafax informs. “The recent statements concerning taxation of all public sector pensions have added new reasons for worry on top of the pensioners’ already existing discontents. (…) Our Federation is asking you, in their name, not to approve such a measure that will have an added negative impact on their living conditions and will hike the poverty rate in a year that the European Union declared “the European year for combating poverty and social exclusion,” the letter reads. Nedelcu pointed out that 3,780,000 of the total 4,700,000 retirees have pensions below RON 1,000 and half of those have pensions that are below the minimum salary. Nedelcu pointed out that he has not asked President Basescu for a meeting because he has forwarded that demand four times since the start of the year without receiving an answer. Asked whether the forms of protest that they have in mind include street protests, the president of the National Federation of Retirees pointed out that “if they enforce the tax we will probably take to the streets again.”

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