State to create ‘price monitor’
to limit price hikes

The Government wants to create a nation-wide price index so that every Romanian can precisely know how much a product should cost following the VAT hike, Antena 3 informs. In order to avoid unjustified price hikes, the officials plan to monitor the prices of all products. “The price monitor is a technical platform that prevents any market abuse. It is an administrative measure that forces the market to regulate itself,” the Economy Minister explained. At first a list that includes all prices found within large store chains will be published on the internet. For the time being the authorities cannot say whether the list will be compiled by the Consumer Protection Authority or whether a company will be selected through tender for that purpose. The public has a positive opinion in what concerns the initiative, however few believe the measure will have the intended effect. Some recommend the officials to keep an eye on speculators. The price monitor system has been successfully applied in Greece after the VAT hike. 3 months after its application the prices of mainstay products dropped by 7 per cent on average.

Bank repo homes worth
over EUR 100,000 for sale

Banks are selling at auction repossessed villas worth over EUR 100,000 in Bucharest and nearby localities, reports. One such property had a starting price of EUR 190,000 and had been mortgaged by a Bucharest family who had borrowed EUR 27,300 but who defaulted on agreed instalments. The bank has been unsuccessfully trying to sell the house since March. Finding no interested bidders at previous auctions, the bank has now discounted the asking price by 25 per cent.

Dalli, a company controlled by Udrea and Cocos, to be liquidated

Bucharest-based Dalli parking lot company has entered the liquidation procedure, Antena 3 informs. The financial results reported last year by companies owned by Elena Udrea and Dorin Cocos show that they are going from bad to worse. We are talking about the visible businesses that the two officially manage, not the less visible ones that the pair controls through middlemen. Elena Udrea owns 50 per cent of Dalli’s registered capital, with this being the only company in which Udrea owns shares. In 2008 the company obtained a net profit of approximately RON 30,000 and reported a turnover of RON 223,824. ‘Medcomplex’ Bucharest, a company specializing in general medical assistance and that reported a net profit of approximately RON 100,000 in 2008, is another company Dorin Cocos gave up. He owned 90 per cent of its registered capital. Dorin Cocos obtained RON 2.5 M from the company’s liquidation. Likewise, the three hotels that the family owns have reported RON 3.791 M in losses. ‘Clamari Trading Impex’ is the only family company that continues to make profit, its 2009 results being close to those reported in 2008.

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CFR Cluj transfers another Brazilian

Romanian title holder CFR Cluj has made another transfer just days before the start of the new season. Brazil’s Rafael Bastos is the club’s latest acquisition. Born on January 1, 1985 in Rio de Janeiro, Rafael Bastos started playing for Esporte Clube Bahia. He subsequently played for Cruzeiro, Belenenses (loaned), Nacional, Vitoria, Consadole Sapporo and Braga. Rafael Bastos will wear the number 16 jersey.

European Fencing Championships: Romania loses quarterfinals

The Romanian men’s sabre team (winner of the Silver medal at the European Championships last year) has failed to qualify for the semifinals of the European Fencing Championships in Leipzig (Germany) after losing to Ukraine. With Rares Dumitrescu absent because of an injury, Tiberiu Dolniceanu, Cosmin Hancianu, Gelu Floring Zalomir and Alexandr Nicolae Sireteanu lost the quarterfinals, score 44-45. Despite being in the lead for a long time, the European Silver medalists lost after Cosmin Hancianu and Gelu Florin Zalomir were defeated by Dmytro Boyko and Andriy Yagodka.

LPF – Bergenbier

Dumitru Dragomir, president of the Professional Football League (LPF) has signed a four-year partnership with Bergenbier, Romania’s top football tier set to be called ‘League I – Bergenbier.’ “LPF has signed a four-year contract. Our partnership is welcomed during this crisis. They will win a lot from advertisements but we stand to win too since we are in a difficult situation. LPF hasn’t kept a penny from broadcasting rights, from now on the League will have to make ends meet on the basis of the Bergenbier contract alone,” Dragomir stated.

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Technical fault, possible cause of Tuzla air crash

Two weeks after the Tuzla tragedy, a possible technical fault of the airplane crashing with the 14 soldiers onboard is shaping up as a likely cause of the accident. Upon his hospital discharge, the plane pilot told investigators that the plane had refused to gain altitude in spite of him going through all the required steps. Air crash investigators are looking into the possibility of some erroneous action being taken and of one of the engines stalling. Mediafax quotes judicial sources as saying that, during the hearing, pilot Daniel Balsan told them he had actually realized the plane was rising with difficulty. The small altitude did not allow the pilot to do any more maneuvers and the aircraft virtually collapsed with its belly down. The fuel tanks in the wings being full, an explosion was quickly triggered, taking 12 lives. In order to clearly establish what really happened, military prosecutors are now awaiting the findings of the technical investigations.

Six dead and six severely injured in accidents in Buzau and Arad

Three people were killed, and five were severely injured in an accident which occurred, on Monday evening, on DN2 E85, in Buzau County. The accident occurred during heavy rain. A Logan hitched a Dacia, which was going in the same direction, then ended up on the opposing lane, where it crashed against an Opel. In the impact between the three cars, three people in the Logan were killed, among whom a child under two years and a half old. Moreover, the person driving the Logan and four people in the Opel, most likely the husband, wife and two children, were badly injured and were rushed to the hospital. Another dramatic accident took place, yesterday morning, in Arad County, killing three and injuring a fourth person following the frontal collision between a truck and a car. According to witnesses, the man driving the car, a Matiz, engaged in an overtaking on the opposing lane and ended up under the cabin of the truck, where it was crushed by the motor freight.

Man killed as crane collapses at Targoviste

A man was killed when a heavy-duty crane collapsed over him on the premises of a construction company in Targoviste. Police say 43-year-old Aurel Lazar was a worker of SC Remat Iasi, company also running an operating point in Targoviste. He had been working on dismembering the crane that killed him for nearly two weeks. It was actually only the base of the crane that was still standing and that collapsed over him. No other victims were reported in the accident. Dambovita labour health and safety authorities and the prosecutors have classified the case as an occupational accident.

Mino Damato, the founder of “Bambini in emergenza” in Romania, dies

The Italian journalist Mino Damato, the initiator and founder of the “Bambini in emergenza” Foundation in Romania, died last week, aged 72. In the past 20 years, Mino Damato was involved in several projects meant to offer aid and assistance to children in Romania affected by HIV and abandoned. In order to offer a chance to these children, he attended a fundraiser which ensured the building of homes for the young people past 18, as well as offering them a school and a church. In the hope that these young people may become self-sufficient, a farm was also set up for them. Moved by the drama of Romanian children affected by HIV and by the situation of orphan homes in Romania, Mino Damato even adopted a little girl diagnosed with AIDS. He took care of her until her death, in 1996, during which time he also set up the “Bambini in emergenza” project.

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The war between Videanu and Preda intensifies

The conflict between the first vice-president of PDL, Adriean Videanu and EuroDeputy Cristian Preda is far from being over. The latest “battle” was fought yesterday live on Antena 3, where Videanu accused Preda that he is not aware of the problems inside the party. The MEP answered that the first vice-president, along with ministers Daniel Funeriu and Mihai Seitan, belongs to a group of party members who were placed in high positions without fighting an electoral battle. “Mr. Preda has an NGO-minded way of communicating. He writes on blogs and comments. This does no good both to Preda and to the party,” Videanu answered. He reproached to Preda a certain lack of political experience and the fact that he does not know the real problems of PDL, and gave him an idea: to take over a county branch of the party.

Ponta complains
to foreign embassies

The PSD president has taken his war with the Power to the international level. The Social-Democrats’ leader has written foreign embassies in Bucharest a 15-page letter in which he complains about the abuses of the PDL-UDMR-UNPR-other minorities government: systematic adoption of unconstitutional acts, political majority abusing power, infringement on civil rights, attacks on the mass-media, concentration of power in the hands of President Traian Basescu, his role in the leadership of a political party, etc. ‘This letter is a form of protest meant to strengthen political actions of protest by the Opposition against authoritarian and anti-democratic pressures being put by the current government,’ Ponta’s letter reads.

Udrea one step closer to Bucharest City Hall

Elena Udrea has received from her party a launching pad for the Bucharest City Hall, ‘Gandul’ daily wrote yesterday. According to the daily, the launching pad consists of the leadership of PDL’s Bucharest branch, an office that the party gave to the Tourism Minister in absentia. ‘Gandul’ claims that the leadership of PDL Bucharest is one of the reasons behind the covert battle that the party’s two wings wage against each other. One month ago Traian Basescu did not shy away from accusing Vasile Blaga and Adriean Videanu of seeking to control the party branch. The two tried to convince Liviu Negoita to take over the branch again however Negoita declined their proposal last weekend. In this situation the two had to accept Udrea’s appointment, being of the opinion that “this will show Basescu that they don’t want to take over the party and that they are willing to obey the Presidential Palace again.” PDL sources quoted by ‘Gandul’ claim that Udrea allegedly asked for a “free hand” in Bucharest, namely to be allowed to make any changes she wants. The quoted sources added that the Minister plans to run for the Bucharest City Hall in 2012.

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