Romanian military convoy killed Afghan child, report claims

Secret documents about the Afghanistan war, obtained and published by the website, contain numerous references to Romanian troops’ operations in the country, including a report on a Romanian convoy’s involvement in the death of an Afghan child, Deutsche Welle’s website says.

According to the leaked documents, on March 22, 2007, special brigade Diablo reported a mission run by Romanian troops and gave details about the operation, including the information that the convoy reportedly ran over an Afghan child and killed him. Another report, dated November 7, 2006, presented kidnap plans staged by Mullah Dadullah, who was located in the Pakistani region Waziristan. He and insurgents intended to kidnap several foreign diplomats and Romanian troops deployed in the Kandahar, the documents reveal. According to Deutsche Welle, the tens of thousands of documents about the Afghan war include dozens, maybe hundreds of references to Romanian troops’ presence and operations in the country.

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