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February 2, 2023

Ruling party Brasov leader denies defection plans

The Liberal-Democratic Mayor of Brasov, George Scripcaru, on Monday classified as ‘non-sense’ and ‘press tricks’ the rumours suggesting he had been negotiating his defecting from PDL to PSD and told the journalists they ‘had been fooled’ into publishing such news. ‘Do you really think of me so low that you can think I would be capable of negotiating such things? I, too, have read about this in the newspapers. Let’s get serious! Before you publish a piece of news, you’d better ask those involved, you don’t go as far as to publish such non-sense,’ Scripcaru told journalists who asked him to clarify rumours about his joining PSD. ‘Jurnalul National’ daily reported on Monday that PDL Vice-President Scripcaru was conducting negotiations with PDL. The daily said Scripcaru and PSD Secretary General Liviu Dragnea had met in Brasov on Wednesday to discuss the conditions for the migration of some of the PDL organizations in Transylvania, MPs included, to PSD.

Attending the PDL national leadership meeting on Monday, Scripcaru refused to comment on statements made by Social-Democrats who, according to mass-media reports, had confirmed the mayor of Brasov was planning his defection. Asked if he was next to Dragnea in the mentioned press photographs, Scripcaru answered that he had known the PSD leaders for 20 years and that ‘he had only been his colleague in PD’. The mayor of Brasov went on to say that, being the president of a high-profile county organisation of the party, he ‘had no intention’ and ‘was not in a position’ to quit PDL, and that ‘something like that was not characteristic of him anyway’.

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