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October 3, 2022

Videanu backs Negoita for General Mayor

Economy Minister and Democrat Liberal Party first vice president Adriean Videanu said in an interview to daily ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ that his party’s Bucharest District 3 Mayor Liviu Negoita is perhaps the best mayor in the entire country and would make a very good Capital’s Mayor. His statement came when asked to comment on Tourism Minister Elena Udrea’ chances to become general mayor. Udrea, who was recently appointed interim leader of PDL Bucharest, is reportedly interested in the job, although she has not officially confirmed it. “Of course she does [have chances]. I always said Elena, if she wants to build a political career in Bucharest, has all the chances to do so. She is a person who sets her targets and tenaciously reaches them,” Videanu said in the interview. In a special session of PDL Bucharest on Sunday, Udrea called on party colleagues to regain the trust of Bucharest residents. She also vowed to ‘clean up’ the branch in the following months. As for who could pose a serious threat to Udrea in a possible race for general mayor, Videanu immediately named Negoita. He explained that although he stepped down as head of PDL Bucharest, he would be able to win the race for general mayor. “He focused on the administrative act and in my opinion, this is very good. I could say he is one of the best mayors in this country, perhaps the best,” Videanu said, adding that Negoita is even a better mayor than he was. In the interview, Videanu also talked about the current rule, saying that PM Emil Boc has all the chances to remain in his position until 2012 and insisting that the opposition has no real solutions for the country’s economic problems.

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