ANI head Catalin Macovei heard in OTV owner case

National Integrity Agency head Catalin Macovei was interviewed by National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors yesterday, in the case where OTV TV owner Dan Diaconescu has been charged with blackmailing businessman Petru Tardea, Mediafax reported. Macovei worked on the case as a prosecutor, in 2005. Macovei was heard as witness in the case, legal sources say. Macovei was asked questions by his former co-workers from DNA on how he had dealt with the prosecution’s first case against Diaconescu, dating from 2005, until the moment when the case was referred to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest Sector 4 Court House, as well as on the situation of phone interceptions. Macovei also had to explain why a planned sting operation was never organised to catch the suspect in flagrante in that case, the quoted sources say. Diaconescu was indicted for blackmail alongside former ‘Atac la persoana’ publication manager Mihai Ghexea in that case.

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