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February 9, 2023

Presidential advisor: Romania, Kiev’s perennial enemy

Iulian Fota, the President’s national security advisor, believes that Bucharest is not the only one that has “to push the reset button” in its relation with Moscow and that Romania continues to stake on foreign investors, “be they Russians, Chinese or from other countries.” In what concerns the unfavorable press that Romania recently had, the Presidential advisor believes that one has to distinguish between unfavorable articles: he cannot officially comment on the articles that appear in the Russian mainstream press, the Ukrainian press is catering to Kiev’s need to have a perennial enemy, and he has “doubts about the honesty of the journalistic initiatives” in what concerns the articles published in the West. As regards the local mass-media, it “constitutes a permanent temptation for foreign intelligence services.”

Fota considers that the articles focusing on the Romanian passports offered to Moldovan citizens “show ill will and lack of knowledge.” “Certain oddities concerning the way the articles are written and the manner in which the figures are manipulated make me very suspicious too, raising my doubts about the honesty of the journalistic initiative. I hope it is an accident and not a smear campaign based on publishing false information,” the Presidential advisor stated. Moreover, he criticizes the fact that some fellow nationals are taking part in the external slandering of Romania by giving excessive media coverage to these subjects. “I understand the journalists’ solidarity, but I don’t think that should be stronger than loyalty towards your own country. The press should not side with the “foreigners” when it comes to important national stakes, the national significance of the raised issue being not that hard to understand,” Traian Basescu’s advisor stated.

Regarding the critical articles published in the Russian and Ukrainian press, Fota says that “the lies published by a part of the Ukrainian press should not be taken seriously.” “The campaign’s purpose is easy to understand. Ukraine is a young state that is looking for various forms of consolidating its statehood, and in this sense one of its neighbors has to be “the perennial enemy.” It seems the Ukrainian press has selected Romania for that role,” he explained.

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