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January 17, 2022

‘Peru and Romania enjoy the best moment of bilateral relations’

H.E. ERNESTO PINTO-BAZURCO RITTLER, Ambassador of Peru to Bucharest

A millenary culture that was the result of different nations settled in the region was concentrated in Peru, the same culture that was improved by the Inca Empire. The contact with the Old Continent enriched and allowed the birth of a nation that gained its political independence in 1821. (…) Today Peru is a multicultural and multiethnic country. The Peruvians have obtained the most important positions in international organizations and participate actively in the community of nations. This year must be remembered as an example. A hundred years ago, in September 1910, the Peruvian aviator Jorge Chavez was the first man in the world who succeeded to cross The Alps and to attain an altitude of 3,000 meters. He helped a region from Switzerland to get out from its isolation and to communicate quickly with Europe. A street named Jorge Chavez was inaugurated in Iasi. Both the Peruvian aviator Jorge Chavez and Henri Coanda, a Romanian aviator, brought their contribution to the world aviation. Peru wasn’t affected by the World Economic Crisis because it maintains its Finances based on stable economy, not a speculative one. It succeeds to reduce the poverty in a significant way and important social successes in the security and medical assistance field. In this way, Peru signed trade agreements with the European Union and with the most important countries in the world. Actually, it’s a country which attracts foreign investment because of its economic development and its political stability. It regulates a State of Law and a participative democracy. The President of the Republic of Peru, Doctor Alan Garcia Perez, was chosen for the second time and enjoys a big popularity. He represents the political party named APRA, one of the
oldest parties in America.

The first mention about Romania in the Peruvian newspapers was occasioned by the Football World Cup in 1930, which took place in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, where both football teams confronted, Uruguay winning the competition. The diplomatic relations between Peru and Romania began 70 years ago. It was a Peruvian initiative to send a diplomatic representative to Bucharest in October 1939. It’s interesting to dignify that the Peruvian initiative is inspired from a book which was written by my grandfather Moises Pinto-Bazurco, called “El Bloque Latino”, in which he wanted to be seen the need – before the World War II – of the union maintenance of the Latin countries – both from the Europe and America – to form a big Nation inspired of a common past and values which are representatives for them.

Today, Peru and Romania enjoy the best moment in bilateral relations, as in the bilateral cooperation in the international organizations (…) During my ambassadorship here, which began eight months ago, I have been able to strengthen the contacts in different fields. It is important to mention that we signed a Cooperation Agreement and the fraternity of the both cities of Constanza and El Callao. Also, it will be signed the Cooperation Agreement between Timisoara and Trujillo, two important cities in Romania and in Peru as well. I put special interest on the academic and cultural cooperation. For this, I was especially pleased to receive the Doctor Honoris Causa title from the Ovidiu University from the port city of Constanza. The following months we will subscribe agreements of cooperation among Universities, and in this way we are working very hard to establish a Latin-American Centre of studies in a very prestigious Romanian University as well to create a Peruvian Centre of studies in the city of Sibiu.

Peru is the focus of an itinerant exhibition that will be presented in Bucharest and which displays pictures by Romanian, Peruvian and photographers from other countries as well. In October, we will present a book from the Peruvian writer Alonso Cueto, which has been translated and published by the international publishers house “Humanitas”. And we are looking publisher houses that can show interest for the translation and publishing of some other books of Peruvian literature. We are sure that the Latin countries, Peruvian and Romanian, feel the same and are interested in cultural aspects of quality. This is why we think that the literature will gain place in Romania.

We are promoting the Peruvian entrepreneurs that have established in Romania, as well as the bilateral commerce and the investment. This will be even easier with the recent Free Trade Agreement subscribed between the European Union and Peru.

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