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June 13, 2021

Erste brings politicians under fire

Romanian politicians have stopped communicating with the outside world and are obsessed with politics, rather than the needs of the state, the CFO of Austrian group Erste Bank and Board member Manfred Wimmer said Friday in Vienna. “I have the impression that Romanian politicians are obsessed with politics, rather than Romania’s needs. Romania and its politicians have ceased to communicate with the outside world. Everything that happens only regards domestic politics, and this takes much energy,” Wimmer pointed out. According to the source, Romania and its government simply missed all opportunities to build a relation with the rest of the world and promote investment opportunities abroad. The Erste official also believes Romania could have been the state capable to make a big step in countering the crisis. “Over the last two years, Romania missed and missed again. (…) Much could have been done early into the crisis, when other states were concerned with vital problems, like European funds and giving a positive feeling to foreign investors,” the Austrian bank official explained. On the other hand, he considers that the austerity plan initially envisaged by Romanian authorities was a correct decision, but the way it was announced was a complete disaster.

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