Two IAF helicopters make emergency landing in Arges

Two Israeli Air Force CH-53 transport helicopters have asked Romanian authorities for permission to make an emergency landing near Vulpesti, Arges County, citing technical difficulties. The helicopters took part in the Blue Sky 2010 joint training exercise and were on their way back to Israel. There were no victims and no need for the firefighters to intervene. A Romanian helicopter was dispatched to the area in order to assist the Israeli crews. According to local sources quoted by Mediafax, one of the two helicopters allegedly had engine problems, the pilot being forced to make an emergency landing. One of the two Israeli helicopters took off four hours later, the helicopter with engine problems remaining on the ground. According to the aforementioned sources, the helicopter that remained behind needs a spare part that will be flown from Israel. Romania’s Ministry of National Defence announced through a communiqué that the Romanian military authorities are in touch with the crews in order to ascertain any need for support. An Israeli CH-53 helicopter with six Israeli soldiers and one Romanian observer onboard crashed on July 26 in the Fundata-Zarnesti area of the Bucegi Mountains during a joint training exercise. The helicopter was taking part in the Blue Sky 2010 exercise that ran from July 18 to July 29.

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