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May 18, 2022


Steaua stadium offices vandalized

Approximately 15 offices, including the one of Valeriu Argaseala, president of the club’s administrative board, were vandalized on Wednesday night by two unidentified persons. Bucharest Police spokesperson Christian Ciocan stated on Thursday for Mediafax that the two persons entered the office building around 4 AM and broke the club’s chief accountant’s safety box. The safety box however contained only paperwork. Steaua owner Gigi Becali stated that the thieves were probably looking for the money obtained from selling the tickets for last Saturday’s game against Universitatea Craiova (2-1 final score). “They should have organized the hit on the night of the game if they wanted to hit the jackpot,” Becali sarcastically stated.

Fiorentina take Mutu off market following Jovetic injury

Fiorentina patron Andrea Dalla Valle says Adrian Mutu is no longer up for sale, according to fiorentinanews.com. Mutu is needed at Fiorentina following the knee injury suffered by Stevan Jovetic. “We’ll now sit round a table and see what can be done,” said Della Valle discussing the ramifications of Jovetic’s six month lay-off. “Don’t forget we have Adem Ljajic, who is a great young talent, and Adrian Mutu is now off the market. “I spoke to Adrian, now he has one more reason to come back and is really fired up.” Mutu had been awaiting a transfer, but his ban for a failed drugs test does not expire until October 29.

Baggio appointed new FIGC technical committee president

Italy legend Roberto Baggio has been officially confirmed as the president of the Italian Football Federation’s [FIGC] technical committee on Wednesday, goal.com informs. Milan legend Gianni Rivera has been appointed the president of the youth academy, while former Italy coach Arrigo Sacchi is the new coordinator of the junior national teams. Italy are undergoing a massive change in the wake of their disappointing performance in the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa where they failed to progress to the last 16, finishing bottom in a group consisting of Paraguay, Slovakia and New Zealand.

14-year-old girl begins attempt to sail around the world

A 14-year-old Dutch girl set sail Wednesday morning on a journey to travel around the world. Laura Dekker left her home port of Den Osse at 9:10 a.m., her spokesman Peter de Lange confirmed for CNN. “She will arrive in Portugal, near Lisbon, in two or three weeks,” de Lange said. “She is traveling in her yacht, Guppy, with her father until Lisbon where she will start the official solo sailing trip around the world.” Dekker’s attempt to circle the globe hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Last August, Dutch authorities placed Dekker under state care for two months after her parents refused to prevent her from undertaking the potentially dangerous voyage.

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Clairvoyant Doru Parv, released from remand

The Bucharest Court magistrates decided yesterday the release from preventive arrest of the TV host Doru Parv, under investigation by the anti-corruption prosecutors alongside the OTV owner, Dan Diaconescu, on charges of having blackmailed a mayor in Arad County. The court ruling is final. Doru Parv, arrested over a month and a half ago, is banned from leaving Arad, except when summoned by prosecutors, and from conferring with Dan Diaconescu and the other parties in the trial, directly or indirectly. Diaconescu and Parv were arrested on June 23, charged with having blackmailed the mayor of Zarand Township (Arad County), Ion Mot, whom they supposedly asked for EUR 200,000 so as not to broadcast on OTV a compromising piece on the mayor’s wealth. On June 25, in the appeal, the Bucharest Court magistrates released Dan Diaconescu from arrest, but Doru Parv remained in detention.

Gigi Becali owes EUR 3.3 M to the state

The National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF) decided, following checks into the real-estate transactions made by George Becali between 2004 and 2008, that the businessman has to pay approximately RON 14 M (EUR 3.3 M), an amount including VAT and fines, sources in ANAF stated, quoted by Mediafax. According to regulations in the Tax Procedure Code, Becali is granted 30 days since the date of notification to contest the decision. Checks began in December of the last year, the first such check being carried out at the businessman’s home in Alexandru Alley. “They are trying to saddle me with I don’t know what debts, from 2005, 2006, VAT. But they can’t do it, it’s all in order. I am at peace about it,” Becali said at the time. Individuals who make real-estate transactions in a personal interest are exempt from the payment of VAT, and this facility was used by many developers, who reported transactions under their own name, rather than under the heading of a company.

Three young men from Harghita prosecuted for discrimination

Three young men are prosecuted for incitement and for creating a fascist, racist or xenophobic organization after they placed, in front of the Kaufland supermarket in Miercurea Ciuc, a placard reading “shame on you for buying from the Jews again.” The Hungarian-language text is identical to the one used in 1944 in Hungary. The County Police Inspectorate took notice ex officio and notified the Harghita Court’s prosecutor’s office. According to the prosecutor that is handling the case, the young men risk spending up to three years in jail for incitement and up to 15 years for creating a fascist, racist or xenophobic organization.

Police officer Cioaca sued for theft

Police officer Cristian Cioca has been sued for theft on Thursday, with the Brasov Court’s prosecutors charging him with stealing goods belonging to his missing wife. The goods belong to lawyer Elodia Ghinescu and have a total estimated value of RON 700,000. This is Cioaca’s fourth criminal file. He was previously accused of killing his missing wife, of violating her e-mail correspondence and of canceling a rent contract. Elodia Ghinescu’s body is yet to be found after three years of searches and her husband continues to be the main suspect.

MP Silviu Prigoana hospitalised

MP Silviu Prigoana was hospitalised on Thursday morning at Bucharest’s Floreasca Emergency Hospital, after suffering an acute myocardial infarction. The doctors used a stent in order to unclog one of his heart arteries. Dr. Cristian Pandrea stated the intervention took place under angiographic control and that the MP will remain hospitalised for several days.

Scandal over coin commemorating patriarch Miron Cristea: Reactions – unwarranted.

The Romanian Patriarchy qualifies as “unwarranted” the reactions stirred by the initiative of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) to commemorate the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) patriarchs, after the United States Holocaust Museum called on BNR to withdraw a coin representing the patriarch Miron Cristea, claiming the former head of the church held anti-Semitic views and pleaded for chasing Jews out of Romania. The Patriarchy explains that BNR issued five silver coins dedicated to the Romanian Orthodox Church patriarchs, among whom Miron Cristea, as this year marks the 125th anniversary of the proclamation of the self-governing Romanian Church and 85 years since it was granted the title of Patriarchy (1925). BOR argues that “some of the negative claims on patriarchs Miron Cristea, Justinian Marina, Iustin Moisescu and Teoctist Arapasu were already rejected by well-documented historians, and others remain mere speculations and unfounded accusations, ideological rather than scientific approaches.” “To conclude, the National Bank of Romania wanted to reflect the light shed by the activity of Romanian patriarchs, rather than judge them, posthumously, for real or alleged shadows,” the Patriarchy adds.

German tourist hit by lifeguard boat in Neptun

A 68-year-old German tourist was injured on Tuesday evening, being hit by a lifeguard’s boat. The woman was snorkeling when a lifeguard that failed to notice her drove his motorboat over her, injuring her left leg with the propeller. The victim was taken to the Mangalia Hospital where her wound was stitched. The woman was not hospitalized. She told the Mangalia Port Authority inspectors that she does not want to press charges against the lifeguard, even insisting for him not to be sanctioned because it was only an accident. The young man was nevertheless sanctioned with a 5 per cent salary cut.

EUR 64,000 in damages for Romanian arrested in Denmark

The Danish prosecutor’s office will pay approximately EUR 64,400 in damages to a Romanian woman that spent almost two years in jail for drug trafficking charges that were eventually withdrawn. According to “The Copenhagen Post” daily, the woman, aged 23, was arrested in January 2008 within the Copenhagen airport and was charged with trying to smuggle ten kilograms of heroin. She was found guilty in court but the ruling was subsequently canceled after it was revealed that the judge had previously been a customs officer within the airport, a fact that represented a conflict of interest. A Turkish man was eventually sentenced for drug trafficking, the Romanian woman being freed in March this year. The prosecutor’s office accepted to pay EUR 64,400 in damages after the woman had initially asked for approximately EUR 174,500.

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Zentiva profit rose over three times in H1

Pharmaceutical company Zentiva reported a net profit of RON 27.023 M in the first half of the year, over three times higher than the figures for the same interval in 2009, when it reported RON 8.544 M, according to financial data remitted to the Bucharest Stock Market (BVB). Moreover, its net turnover amounted to RON 126.972 M, rising by 35.5 per cent compared to January-June 2009. According to the data remitted to BVB, the company’s total revenue in the first half of 2010 amounted to RON 130.926 M, rising by 16.5 per cent, and expenditure amounted to RON 98.911 M, lower by almost 3.5 per cent compared to the same interval in 2009.

EUR 20 M from EBRD
to Millenium Bank to finance SMEs

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) granted Millenium Bank a EUR 20 M-loan to finance small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), a joint release by the two banks informs. The funds will be allotted to financing medium-term investment projects and short-term loans – including reusable working capital loans and overdraft facilities. The credit line will be supplemented by EU grants, including funds for technical assistance.

New general manager at Athenee Palace Hilton

Frederich W. Niemann will leave, as of August 31, the position of general manager of the five-star hotel Athenee Palace Hilton in Bucharest, a position which he held for five years, and is to be replaced by Linda Griffin, hotel representatives announced yesterday, quoted by Mediafax. Griffin previously held the position of cluster general manager in Turkey, at Adana & Mersin Hilton SA Hotels.

Industry turnover rose by 9.7 pc in June

The turnover and new commissions in industry rose, in nominal terms, in June, by 9.7 per cent, and, respectively, 15.5 per cent compared to May, and the advancement reported in the first six months amounted to 10.9 per cent, respectively, 23.9 per cent, according to data supplied by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). The industry turnover rose in June owing to the growth in processing industry, of 9.9 per cent, and that in the mining industry, of 4.2 per cent.

Wider prerogatives for tax authority

Employees of the National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF) will be entitled to halt drivers in traffic during controls to oppose tax evasion, according to a bill of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), Realitatea.net informs. Moreover, another provision of the new project allows tax inspectors to set up and use lighting signals, reflective sticks, flashing lights and voice amplifiers on work cars, to give directions or to stop car drivers.

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