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May 19, 2022


Nastase-Preda attacks

The president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD)’s National Council, Adrian Nastase, wrote, yesterday, in a posting on his personal blog, that, for some, the “glorification” of the president Traian Basescu turned into the “glorification of treason”, and that they expect to be rewarded for it, a case in question being the Democrat Liberal MEP Cristian Preda. According to the Social-Democrat leader, Cristian Preda is “the one dealing Emil Boc the final blows in his time of agony, after having felt most comfortable as a candidate on the list for the MEP elections”.

“Cristian Preda is nothing but an obedient instrument in the hands of Traian Basescu or, in other words, one of the actors in the play directed by Traian Basescu,” Adrian Nastase stated. In response, Cristian Preda chose to comment in brief and ironically Nastase’s statements. “It is true I’m merely an instrument in the hand of Traian Basescu, but it is not just me, the same goes for Adrian Nastase, Crin Antonescu, Mircea Geoana and Victor Ponta, he has a hold on all of us, using the violet flame. Traian Basescu is manipulating us, like a puppet-master. The violet flame accounts for it all,” Cristian Preda said, in obvious irony.

Uioreanu proposes Jeffrey Franks as PM

PNL Deputy Horea Uioreanu proposed on Thursday to replace the Boc Cabinet with a team lead by the head of the IMF mission in Romania, Jeffrey Franks, as the acting Executive is following ‘to the letter’ the “advice” given by the IMF. In a press release issued on Thursday, Uioreanu claims that “these days, Jeffrey Franks behaved like a real premier, at least in his statements.” Taking into consideration the fact the Boc Cabinet is following to the letter all the suggestions made by the IMF, I believe the best thing for us would be to renounce the Government of Romania – as an institution – and replace it with the IMF people. This would save a lot of money to the budget, the political clients of ministers would go home, and the companies <> would no longer have full access in the Victoria Palace,” Uioreanu says. “My feeling that Mr. Franks, too, is a premier of Romania was provoked by suggestions he made to Victoria Palace people and also to the Parliament, though indirectly. He demanded new layoffs in the public sector and passing the new law on pensions until September 15. Shortly after Mr. Franks’ statements, Emil Boc too asked the same thing,” Uioreanu concludes.

Udrea, not aiming at Bucharest City Hall for now

The interim president of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Bucharest organization, Elena Udrea, stated, on Thursday, that she is not considering, for now, the possibility of running for mayor general of Bucharest, arguing that the party will bring up the candidate who enjoys the highest amount of trust from the people of Bucharest. When asked whether she considered running for Mayor, Udrea replied: “Not at the moment.” She argued that she took over as interim president of the PDL Bucharest organization because the organization needed to get on a new track and to earn the trust of the people of Bucharest.

Israel to provide support to the family of the Romanian pilot killed in the helicopter crash

According to Jerusalem Post, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barack said the ministry will seek a way to help the family of the Romanian pilot who died when a Yassur Israeli helicopter crashed in the mountains of Brasov County. The support proposal came from an Israeli MP, Israel Hansson, a member of the Kadima Party. He asked Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu to provide assistance to the family of Stefan Claudiu Dragnea. Hasson, a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) considers Israel must be concerned with the welfare and basic necessities of the Romanian pilot’s family. He also suggested that the family of the pilot should be invited to pay an official visit to Israel. Captain Stefan Dragnea was aboard the helicopter as observer, during the drill that ended in tragedy.

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