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December 7, 2021

Jobbik MEP calls on Szeklers to take to the street for autonomy

The Jobbik MEP Szegedi Csanad stated, on Friday, in a press conference, that he agrees “with every word” his colleague in the European Parliament, Tokes Laszlo, had to say on the Szeklers’ taking to the street to claim autonomy. Szgedi added that both he and Tokes had in mind peaceful demonstrations, Mediafax reports.

The MEP said that he would collaborate both with the National Szeklers’ Council and with the organization led by Tokes, the National Council of Hungarians in Transylvania, towards the “major objective of Hungarians in Transylvania, the autonomy of the Szeklers’ Land.”

“If this European model of autonomy can be obtained only in this way, by taking to the street, then, yes, Szeklers should take to the street, but to obtain it by peaceful demonstrations. Tokes himself did not call for civil war, nor did he urge Szeklers to take arms. He, too, was referring to peaceful demonstrations. I agree with every word Tokes said, because he was born in Transylvania, he lives in Transylvania and he is half-Szekler. If anyone is entitled to speak on behalf of the Hungarians in Transylvania, that is Tokes,” Szegedi said.

In response to his statements, the Conservative Party (PC) called on Romanian authorities to declare the MEP a persona non-grata. “The Hungarian MEP Szegedi’s instigating Szeklers to take to the street for autonomy creates a dangerous precedent. (…) We call on Romanian authorities to no longer stand by and watch the instigations to the dismembering of Romania and to declare the MEP Szegedi a persona non-grata in Romania,” the deputy president of Pc, Bogdan Diaconu, is stating, in a release quoted by Agerpres.

Tokes stated, on July 22, that, if a micro region like Kosovo was granted autonomy, the same could apply in the Szeklers’ Land, and that, if need be, Szeklers should take to the streets. His statements were strongly criticized by the opposition, the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Conservatives calling for his removal from the office of deputy president of the European Parliament.

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