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February 4, 2023

Basescu, under attack from PDL: “He does great disservice to party& government”

The President should let the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) take its fate in its own hands in order to no longer have the presidential party label stuck to it, lacking both identity and doctrine. These views belong to Democrat-Liberal Senator Radu F. Alexandru, and were expressed in an interview granted to Revista 22. Emil Boc’s entire authority in the party, and outside it, is totally cancelled by how President Traian Basescu treats him, which is extremely damaging to both government and the party,” the PDL senator said, in whose opinion, PDL’s former coalition with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is another disservice Traian Basescu did to PDL, over which the president failed to consult the party lawmakers. The Democrat-Liberal senator holds that Traian Basescu wrongly assumed the role of player-president, as far as he has only played for one team and has not acted as the president of all Romanians. “He said: ‘I will be a player-president.’ Yet, this wording should have been complemented by the following words: ‘I will be a player-president all over the field.’ To the extent you only are a player-president for one team, all the sentiments and resentments on the political scene are channeled to and play to the advantage or disadvantage of that party. On the other hand, that party’s leadership, PDL’s namely, is cancelled authority wise, as to the right to have the last word on the decision reached. As we speak, I believe that Emil Boc’s chief ‘blame’ is that of being utterly loyal to Traian Basescu,” the senator says.

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