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November 25, 2020

Half of drivers involved in serious crashes, unpunished

Over the past three years, 2,700 people died on Romanian roads, in crashes that also injured thousands. Justice is slow in finding the culprits and even slower in punishing them. In Romania, many of those who caused serious accidents do not go to prison, because judges suspend their sentences. According to Police sources, 2,700 people died in traffic accidents last year, while thousands others suffered serious injuries or were left infirm. Statistics show that many of those who caused these accidents escape without doing time, sometimes only with a fine, under the famous Art. 18 index 1, which sets free the suspects who do not pose a social threat. In fact, 40 pc of those who provoked accidents with fatalities escape jail punishments. In the same situation are 50 pc of those responsible for serious crashes that injured people, but killed nobody. Romanian law is relatively lenient, compared to that of other EU member states. “There is a standard regarding the common background of infringements to road legislation, as annex to the Convention on the Deprivation of the Right to Drive, sources with the Road Police told us. Each country decides how it will enforce its provisions,” the sources explained. “In our country, the real problem is not the legislation but how the magistrates interpret the law during trials.”

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