Driver who injured four in Caransebes remains in arrest

The youth who drove his car onto the tarmac of the Caransebes Airport during a motorcycling contest and hit four persons from among the public attending the event will remain under arrest, as judges turned down the appeal filed by his lawyers. Cristian Ungur is under preventive arrest for 29 days under a ruling by the Resita Court of Law. His lawyer, Gheorghe Ciulei, criticized what he described as excessive media coverage of the case. Cristian Ungur is the son of a Democrat-Liberal member with the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Caransebes organization. The spokesperson for the Caras-Severin County Police Monday said that Ungur had a blood alcohol concentration of over 2 milligrams/1,000 ml. “At the first testing, the result was 2.35 mg/1,000 ml, at the second, 2.10 mg/1,000 ml. No trace of drugs has been found.”

Three severe traffic accidents within just two hours in the capital

Three serious traffic accidents, which resulted in three injured taken to hospital, happened in Bucharest Tuesday, within the space of but two and a half hours. The first took place around noon, when a motorcycle crashed into a Dacia car. The motorcyclist was seriously injured in the collision and taken to hospital. A second accident occurred around the same time and involved a BMW auto that injured a 40-year-old woman. In the third accident, at around 2:30 pm, a 22-year-old male driving a Skoda car injured a woman when negotiating a turn, failing to yield the right of way. Yesterday morning, Bucharest traffic police officers started a broad prevention action and issued 170 fines for overspeeding. The highest speed registered during the 9.00 – 11.00 a.m. action was of 95 kilometres an hour.

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