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September 26, 2021


Romania, 42nd in FIFA standings

Romania’s national football team is still 42nd with 697 points in the FIFA – Coca Cola July standings published on Wednesday on the world body’s official website. Romania’s opponents in the EURO 2012 qualifiers hold the following positions: France – 21st with 890 points; Bosnia – 57th with 546 pts; Albania – 70th with 455 pts; Belarus – 78th with 403 pts; Luxembourg – 117th with 209 pts. Spain tops the FIFA standings, followed by Netherlands and Brazil.

Friendlies: Brazil 2 – US 0, Ivory Coast 1 – Italy 0

Brazil defeated the US on Tuesday in a friendly game in East Rutherford, score 2-0. Neymar and Pato scored the goals in the 28th and 45th minutes. Ivory Coast defeated Italy on Tuesday in London, score 1-0. It was Cesare Prandelli’s first game as Italy’s head coach. Kolo Toure scored the game’s only goal in the 55th minute.

Pulhac officially presented by Hercules Alicante

Romanian fullback Cristian Pulhac, loaned by Dinamo to Hercules Alicante for one season, has been officially presented by the Spanish club on Tuesday. Pulhac stated that the move represents an important step in his career. “It’s an important step in my career. I will play in a very strong championship,” Pulhac said, adding that he would like to play in Spain for several seasons.

Gymnastics: Romania vs. UK

Octavian Bellu, Mariana Bitang and Anca Grigoras, the coaches of the Romanian women’s national gymnastics team have revealed the gymnasts that will be used in the game against Great Britain. Gabriela Dragoi, Cerasela Patrascu, Raluca Haidu, Diana Trenca and Daniela Andrei will take part in the game that is scheduled this weekend at the Pipers Vale Gymnastics Club in Ipswich. The gymnasts will be accompanied by coaching staff members Liliana Cosma and Florin Cotutiu. Sandra Izbasa, Amelia Racea, Ana Porgras and Diana Chelaru will continue to train in Romania.

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Repeat offender brutally rapes and kills underage girl

A repeat offender has killed a 12-year-old girl in Bacau’s CFR neighborhood. According to ‘Desteptarea’ daily, quoted by Realitatea TV, the 34-year-old man kidnapped the girl, raped her, killed her then buried her body. Police officers found the girl buried behind the killer’s house. Her head was smashed and a screwdriver was stuck in her neck. The man was immediately arrested. When questioned he admitted the crime. He calmly told the investigators that he raped the girl, killed her and then buried her. According to a statement made by the killer’s mother, he was leading a chaotic life, was an alcoholic and had spent 11 years in jail for theft. He now risks at least 20 years in jail.

EUR 200,000 stolen in Timisoara

The theft, which took place early Wednesday morning, targeted a house in Ghiroda locality, near Timisoara. A 62-year-old woman was staying there alone while her daughter was away on holiday. Two men broke into the house, tied and threatened the woman. Judicial sources state that EUR 200,000 was stolen and from the women’s initial statements it seems the money and jewels were not placed in a safe. Likewise, the woman told the police officers that she was not aware money were in the house. Investigative sources quoted by Mediafax claim the thieves acted on a tip since they went straight for the money. According to them, the two thieves planned the theft while fully aware that the money and jewels were in the house and the owners were on holiday. Likewise, it is believed the thieves knew the house’s layout since they did not waste time after breaking in.

Romanian panhandlers sentenced to one month in prison in France

Two Romanian women have been sentenced to one month in jail and been issued a five-year ban to live in Aube, for collective theft in the town of Troyes, Mediafax quoted the website nationpresse.info as reporting. The two Roma women were caught while trying to steal cosmetics and children’s clothes from a store. The women have been put under preventive arrest, yet they were released from the police precinct the next day, having acknowledged their deeds. Back into the streets, the Romanians attempted to steal the briefcase of an elderly person at a terrace restaurant. The briefcase contained money, documents and keys.

Two engines crash head-on, no victim

A Hungarian railway engine crashed yesterday against a locomotive belonging to Romanian railway company CFR Marfa. The incident occurred as the Hungarian engine was entering Romania, in Curtici station. No one was injured in the incident. According to an investigation team, the Hungarian engineers did not observe the railway signals and collided with the Romanian engine. According to sources with the Arad Rail Transport Police, quoted by Mediafax, a Hungarian locomotive that had crossed the border entered the same railroad segment used by a Romanian freight train. The two locomotives crashed head-on. The Hungarian locomotive had no carriages attached, while the Romanian one had freight cars. The Romanian train derailed after the impact. According to sources with the Railway Police and CFR Marfa, preliminary investigations led to the conclusion that the Hungarian engine drivers did not observe the traffic lights.

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Gazprom insists on being granted final decision on South Stream route

Gazprom will have the last say on the South Stream route, despite the wishes of Bulgaria and Serbia, the Russian group’s press office stated yesterday for Serbian publication ‘Blic,’ quoted by Agerpres. Last weekend, at the Varna home of Bulgarian Premier Boyko Borisov, Serbian President Boris Tadic and the Bulgarian PM agreed on the route for a portion of South Stream, deciding that the gas pipe would cross the border between the two countries in Dimitrovgrad Region, an option opposed up so far by Gazprom, as the pipe would have to cover a longer distance and this would lead to higher costs for the project. On Tuesday, Russian publication ‘Komersant’ reported that Tadic and Borisov agreed on the South Stream route without consulting Gazprom representatives beforehand. According to ‘Kommersant,’ Moscow and Belgrade had initially agreed that the gas pipe would cross, from Bulgaria to Serbia, through Zaeciar Region, 100 kilometres North off Dimitrovgrad, an option Gazprom favours as it is cheaper. On the other hand, Belgrade is interested in setting up the pipe in Dimitrovgrad, thus ensuring it crosses the entire Serbian territory, while the option championed by Gazprom would cut off the south of the country, as well as the regional centre Nis.

Railway sector to lay off 12,800 employees

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI) is drafting a decision to lay off 12,800 railway employees by the end of September, sources with the railway sector told Mediafax. Hardest hit will be CFR Marfa (5,000 employees), followed by CFR Calatori (3,900), CFR SA (2,900) and Electrificare CFR (1,000). In March and April this year, MTI already dismissed 10,361 people, because the companies controlled by the ministry are going through such economic and financial trouble that they can no longer operate without a restructuring and reorganisation programme. Besides the due unemployment benefit, the new jobless also receive a sum equivalent to twice the average net salary at country level at the date when their work contracts are terminated, plus a monthly completion income that will last for 12-15 months.

Only four electric cars and 750 hybrids on record in Romania

Four electrically-propelled cars and 750 with a hybrid engine are registered and licensed in Romania, out of a total of 134 electric vehicles and 756 mixed drive vehicles, according to data supplied by the Romanian Vehicle Registry (RAR), quoted by Mediafax. The four electric cars are a Peugeot, Oltcit, Jeamean and Opel model. RAR records also attest the existence of 20 electrically-propelled motorcycles and 110 buses. Out of the total of 750 hybrid cars, most are Lexus, namely, 422, followed by Toyota – 220 cars, and Honda – 62 units. The hybrid and electric cars account for 0.02 per cent of the local car park, which contains 5.32 million vehicles. The Government decided, at the beginning of the year, by emergency ordinance, that the Administration of the Environment Fund should invest a portion of the money made out of the selling of green certificates into promoting the use of electric and hybrid cars.

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