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May 10, 2021

Swords, baseball bats and guns used in Mogosoaia brawl

31 persons have been heard and 5 have been detained for disorderly conduct following a brawl that erupted in Mogosoaia (Ilfov County) early Wednesday morning. Two cars were destroyed and at least five persons injured, however the injuries were minor and there was no need for hospitalizations. Police officers made use of several warning shots in order to take control of the situation. The preliminary investigation reveals that the brawl apparently took place between Mogosoaia locals and members of the Ursarilor clan that is extremely feared there. The locals state that they fear the aggressors. “We were sitting on the porch because it is very hot inside and suddenly 300 persons descended on us with boulders, knives and guns. For no reason. We have no rows with anyone,” an eyewitness told Realitatea TV. Claudia Burada, spokesperson of the Ilfov County Police Inspectorate, stated for Mediafax that the members of two families were involved in a fight on the streets of Mogosoaia, the brawl being sparked by older conflicts and by alcohol consumption. Several hours after the brawl ended another dispute started in Mogosoaia. This time the locals complained that they were beaten by the masked police officers sent to enforce order. The area is guarded by gendarmes and police officers ordered to prevent another brawl.

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