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December 4, 2021

50,000 people in local government given notice or made redundant

The beginning of this week marked the deadline by which local public administrations were to approve the new organizational and to rectify both their own budget and the budgets of institutions under their command. Budgets were supposed to be cut by 20 per cent, and approximately 50,000 employees were to be made redundant at national level. The new organizational plans have already been approved by the National Civil Servants’ Agency (ANFP). The only exceptions are the mayor’s offices in Cogealac (Constanta County), Faragau (Mures County) and Iepuresti (Giurgiu County), which failed to send the necessary documents to ANFP. In the case of other mayor’s offices, in Sannicolau Mare (Timis County), Drajna (Prahova County), Oancea (Galati County), the plans were not approved, as they did not observe the legal number of civil servants stipulated by present regulations. In Bucharest, the only City Hall which failed to approve either the new organizational plans, or the rectified budget, was the Sector 5 Mayor’s Office. In Bucharest, the public government staff cuts are operating according to the mayors’ interpretation of the regulations.

Most mayor’s offices considered that dismissals have to be carried out in agreement with stipulations of the Labour Code. Some give a 15 days’ notice, others a 20 days’ one. The Prefect of Bucharest, Mihai Atanasoaie, argues that “the ways in which dismissals are made are the internal affairs of each mayor’s office. The ordinance stipulates that the new organizational plans come into force immediately, therefore, without any notice to the employees made redundant”. At the Sector 6 Mayor’s Office, as of Monday, the employees in question were given their notice. According to the press bureau, “the notice is 15 days for those who do not have leading positions, and 30 days for directors or department heads. In practice, people will be made redundant between September 1 and 15”. As in the case of most mayor’s offices, most employees will be discharged from the Administration of Public Domain (ADP) and the Community Police.

Thus, at ADP, out of 681 positions only 368 were left, and, in the Community Police, 372 were left out of 561. At the Sector 6 Mayor’s Office, the organizational plan was reduced from 2,290 positions to 1,399. At the Sector 4 Mayor’s Office, people are dismissed without a notice. The Sector 4 Mayor, Cristian Popescu Piedone, stated, for ‘Gandul’, that “the Ordinance stipulates that people should be let go as of August 16. If I don’t give them a notice, I break the Labour Code, if I do, I will not be allotted any budget funds and the Court of Accounts would summon me to account for the money.” Out of the sector 4 Mayor’s Office internal apparatus, 22 employees will be made redundant, while 198 are discharged out of the Community Police. Between 700 and 1,000 employees will have to be let go at Bucharest City Hall.

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