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January 28, 2022

Boc: Whoever criticizes PDL will suffer consequences

Prime Minister Emil Boc, the President of PDL, stated after the party leadership’s meeting that “a zero moment” is starting, with any Democrat Liberal MEP, MP or official that steps out of the party statute’s bounds set to suffer the consequences stipulated in the said document. Boc added that any official has a framework of action and expression within the party’s Permanent National Bureau and will be heard “where the decisions are taken.” The PDL President however pointed out that once taken decisions have to be respected by everyone. Asked what the statute’s rigors are, Boc stated that the ones mentioned above have to respect the party’s decisions and to refrain from having positions that run contrary to PDL.

Boc made the statements at the end of PDL’s Permanent National Bureau meeting that started on Monday at 8 PM and ended on Tuesday at 1.30 AM. PDL’s leadership met on Monday morning too to discuss the Parliament’s extraordinary meeting. Elena Udrea stated on Monday at the end of the first meeting that Premier Emil Boc was lenient with those that talked outside the party’s framework, that they should be sanctioned and that the yellow card is used in football games and is not mentioned in the party’s statute. Emil Boc had stated on Thursday evening on public television that he preferred to maintain the party’s unity by adopting “laxer” discipline and tolerance, but that he is determined to apply sanctions too.”

Also, according to sources quoted by Mediafax, during Monday evening’s session, several prominent party figures have asked Boc to initiate a government reshuffling as of September 1 and to bring forth to the party a detailed analysis of each PDL minister’s activity.

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