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August 17, 2022

Foreign relations commissions postpone notice on defence strategy

On Tuesday the members of Parliament’s Foreign Relations Commissions postponed their notice on the National Defense Strategy for next week when they plan to amend the document drafted by the Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) including in what concerns the vulnerabilities it lists. “The debates on the National Defense Strategy were very interesting and very constructive because there were 10-12 very consistent and serious amendments.,” Attila Korodi, president of the Lower Chamber’s Foreign Relations Commission, stated. In his turn, Titus Corlatean, president of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Commission, pointed out that one of the amendments seeks to eliminate media campaigns from the list of vulnerabilities. “Only one element that was not strictly within the foreign relations commissions’ area of expertise inevitably became an issue of debate, namely the assertion that press campaigns are a threat to national security. I won’t hide from you the fact that opinions varied. Several colleagues, including myself, considered that this is an artificial – I would say excessive – assertion.,” Corlatean stated. Also, the members of Parliament’s Foreign Relations Commission failed to reach a consensus on a proposal to explicitly tackle Romania’s relations with Russia within the National Defense Strategy. “There were talks vis-à-vis the manner in which we tackle the relations with Russia within the National Defense Strategy. (…) The main issue discussed was the tackling of relations with Russia – some were of opinion to tackle them separately, others opposed that, saying we should tackle them as part of a package that includes other states. That is how we should tackle our relations with Ukraine, Turkey. We have to find a formula,” the aforementioned sources stated.

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