PSD to initiate no-confidence vote, even if Boc Cabinet is reshuffled

The Social Democratic Party will initiate a no-confidence motion during the regular session of the Parliament, even if the Boc Cabinet gets reshuffled before September 1st, PSD President Victor Ponta said Tuesday, on Radio Romania Actualitati. “It will be just another PDL government, which keeps in place this octopus that bleeds Romania not only here, in Bucharest, where it is perhaps more obvious, but also where I am from, in Targu Jiu, through Mr. Mantog, and in Suceava, through Mr. Flutur, and everywhere. How could we support something like this?! It will be exactly the same. Obviously, we’ll vote against it, and Mr. Basescu will not dare to come with another prime minister.”

“First, he won’t find someone as capable to make any compromise, to endure any humiliation as Emil Boc, and I don’t think he will find enough votes to once again pass such a government,” Ponta explained. The no-confidence vote is aimed at toppling the Boc Cabinet and stopping the anti-crisis measures, the PSD leader assured. “We must stop the Boc government from taking these absurd measures, we must stop it from signing another accord with the IMF, besides the EUR 20 bln we received,” Ponta stated.

Asked whether he is certain about signing another accord with the IMF, Ponta answered: “If I speak, I usually know what I speak about.”

“A new accord with the IMF, which will bring money to the ministries led by Ms. Udrea, Mr. Videanu or God knows to whom else, and then, after two years, let PSD come and repay the debt. This is a crime against Romania’s future,” Victor Ponta went on. According to the Social-Democrat leader, the no-confidence motion also relies upon the votes of PDL legislators.

Ponta said he hopes President Traian Basescu will not nominate Emil Boc as prime minister once again, if the motion passes. “The president cannot isolate himself at the Cotroceni Palace, leaving the country prey to a total disaster, only because he wants Emil Boc, and none else, as premier. I refuse to believe that Mr. Basescu will become like Hitler in his bunker, before capitulation. I hope this won’t happen,” Victor Ponta stated.

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