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August 7, 2022

Disgruntled PDL MPs get more money from state budget

After the Monday meeting between Prime Minister Boc and the group of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) deputies, the latter received text messages on their work cell phones, advising them that, following the budget rectification, that is, the one operated in the Wednesday Cabinet meeting, they would be granted RON 200,000, approximately EUR 47,000, each, “to cover certain college expenses,” daily ‘Jurnalul National’ reports.

The funds should, according to the guidelines given in the text messages, go “mainly to investments in schools and roads”. PDL has 125 deputies, therefore, the Government’s total expense would amount to EUR 5.8 M, funds which will be allotted to the Democrat-Liberal MPs’ constituencies, to redeem, even in the slightest, the party in the eyes of voters. In fact, during talks with the prime minister, as well as in the Political Bureau meeting, PDL deputies reproached Emil Boc on the count that ministers fail to unblock investments, so they can offer something to voters in their colleges.

Moreover, given that, once the Parliament session is resumed, the topic of the no-confidence vote will be back on the agenda, in the context in which a PDL MP already switched allegiance to the Social Democratic Party (PSD), and another – the senator Georgica Severin – is already working on his resignation, to be presented at the beginning of September, Boc needs financial incentives to dissuade his MPs from voting against him in the no-confidence motion.

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