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November 15, 2019

Major parties already preparing for City Hall elections

The pre-campaign for the Bucharest City Hall has started two years ahead of the elections that should take place in the summer of 2012. Very early when judging by what happened in the past when the major parties were preparing fairly late. This time the stakes seem to be very high considering the important parties have brought out their heavyweight members, ‘Jurnalul National’ daily writes. Elena Udrea stands out as a candidate within PDL, her nomination as president of PDL’s Bucharest branch being no coincidence.

Udrea has already launched her pre-campaign by announcing the ‘My Bucharest’ program, however without clearly admitting that she will run for the City Hall. PDL is looking for District candidates too, despite the fact that the scheme for the local elections has not been decided yet, namely it is not known whether the District Mayoralties will be eliminated as the Democrat-Liberals would like. For the time being it is known that District 6 Mayor Cristian Poteras will no longer enter the race, with Ionut Popa, former Bucharest Deputy Mayor, being rumored as his replacement. Neculai Ontanu’s candidacy is also tied to Elena Udrea’s calculations for the Bucharest City Hall. Sources from PDL’s leadership claim that the current District 2 Mayor is tasked with obtaining as many votes as possible in the first round, so as to be able to cede them to Udrea in the runoffs she is expected to enter. PSD is feverishly preparing for elections too, with Marian Vanghelie this time insisting to enter the race for the Bucharest City Hall, especially if that will give him the chance to run against his rival Udrea.

The Liberals have not decided whether to throw District 1 Mayor Andrei Chiliman or party president Crin Antonescu into the race. Liberal sources claim that until now Antonescu has refused his colleagues’ proposal to run in Bucharest so as to act, from his position as General Mayor, as the party’s banking engine in the 2012 Parliamentary elections and then to enter the Presidential race in 2013. Nevertheless, his refusal was not final.

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