President, PM, speakers of Parliament, top earners

Romania’s president, the premier, the speakers of the two Houses of Parliament, the president of the Constitutional Court and of the Court of Audits respectively are the public positions paid most handsomely, under a framework draft law on blanket salaries in the public sector. According to the normative document, the presidential position is the only one rated with the maximum coefficient of 15. The prime minister, president of the Constitutional Court and of the Court of Audits respectively, will have a hierarchical coefficient of 14.63. Next come the first deputy prime minister, the judge, the vice-president of the Court of Audits, the president of the Auditing Authority, of the Competition Council and the deputy speaker of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, at 14.15.

A state minister will be paid 13.90 times the minimum salary in the economy, the ministers and delegate ministers, 13.45 minimum salaries. The coefficient has been established at 13.15 for a government state secretary and 12.41 for state secretary.

The highest paid senior public servants are the prefect – 9.94 and the general secretary – 9.46, followed by the governmental inspector or general commissary, with a maximum coefficient of 9.

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