Double budget for Bucharest if district mayor’s offices scrapped

Bucharest’s budget may double if district mayor’s offices are dissolved, under a draft law on the capital’s administrative reorganisation promoted by the Interior Ministry, daily ‘Romania libera’ reported. “The City Hall budget is currently EUR 1.3 bln but the budgets of all six districts reach a total of EUR 1.7 bln. The new Bucharest would mean a total budget of EUR 3 bln,” said Save Bucharest Association’s programme director Nicusor Dan. District 6 Mayor Cristian Poteras also claims that by administrative centralisation, the capital’s budget would amount to 35 per cent of all other counties’ budgets.

According to the 2010 budget, the wealthiest administration in Bucharest is Sector 1 (run by Liberal Andrei Chiliman), with incomes of RON 1.327 bln. The second place is taken by Democrat Liberal Liviu Negoita’s District 3, with total incomes of RON 772 M. District 6, run by Democrat Liberal Cristian Poteras, comes next, with RON 739 M, followed by District 2 (independent Neculai Ontanu), with RON 763 M. The poorest district remains District 5, run by Social-Democrat Marian Vanghelie, with a little under RON 400 M.

Pro Democratia Association president Cristian Parvulescu says the Interior Ministry’s draft law is actually aimed at helping PDL take control of future elections for General mayor. “If they leave sectors without funds, PDL would control the political battle for the capital. They would eliminate the financial resources that [opposition parties] PSD and PNL benefit from right now,” he said.

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