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November 27, 2021

Lazaroiu: People’s Party could have a score of 30-40 pc

In an interview with ‘Adevarul’ daily, presidential adviser Sebastian Lazaroiu claims that, in the opinion poll he had last seen, the People’s Party founded by OTV owner Dan Deaconess was rated with 20 per cent voting intentions. “It doesn’t have to be a bad sign. (…) But it is definitely a symptom we must take into account, showing that a good share of the electorate no longer find itself represented in what the four big parties – PNL, PSD, PDL and even UDMR – have to offer,” President Basescu’s adviser says. According to Lazaroiu, “if it hadn’t been for OTV and Dan Diaconescu, this People’s Party could have about 30 – 40 per cent right now,” because many are not eager to vote for it because of OTV. The sociologist thinks ‘there is a current potential of 30-40 per cent’ for a new political offer, with ‘different faces’ than those of the politicians that can be permanently seen on TV screens. “People want to see new faces. It is much easier now to promote an unknown figure, a young person, a professional in some field who has done something in his/her life,” Lazaroiu said according to the quoted source. On the other hand, he expects the People’s Party ‘to go flat’ because “it is like a symptom, like a test balloon.” In his view, even Diaconescu’s visits to the Prosecutor’s office that are bringing him votes right now could easily turn against him.

The president’s adviser says Diaconescu’s party takes some of PSD’s votes because ‘they somehow share the same type of voters’. “PSD will not make 40 per cent while the People’s Party is still in the game,” Lazaroiu says. He expects PSD and PNL to obtain around 25 per cent each, followed by PDL and by the People’s Party with 15-16 per cent in the 2012 election. According to ‘Adevarul’ newspaper, in the registration paperwork submitted to the Bucharest Tribunal, the president of the People’s Party is the OTV owner’s younger brother, Mario Diaconescu, as Dan Diaconescu could not have been party president and producer of TV programmes at the same time. Among Diaconeccu’s friends who asked for the party to be founded and who submitted lists of signatures in court there is a certain Tonea Chiriac, with whom Diaconescu shared the lock-up when he was arrested. Chiriac is a suspect in a EUR 910,000 fraud case in which the victim was the former general manger of Electrica SA whom he blackmailed with alleged evidence of sex orgies and corruption. Chiriac is also on trial in another 2008 case opened by anticorruption prosecutors.

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