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October 31, 2020

PSD, PNL to file no-confidence vote together

The Social-Democrats and the Liberals met yesterday in order to agree on their anti-government strategy. PNL leader Crin Antonescu announced that the two parties will jointly work on the text of the no-confidence vote motion and will file it together. He added that PNL and PSD have agreed to continue their already traditional collaboration in Parliament. In what concerns the no-confidence vote’s chances of success, the Liberal leader stated that both his party and PSD will make efforts to collect signatures: “We will all make every effort in order to convince a number of MPs or maybe political groups to join us.” At the same time, the two parties will start talks on the issue of a crisis government that would be installed “the day after” the current government falls in case the no-confidence vote goes through. While PNL and PSD have agreed that the crisis government’s members will be politically enrolled, in what concerns the PM seat, Liberals back the option of nominating an independent, while PSD wants the office for itself.

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