Special pension recalculations results in drastic cuts, but increases as well

Starting September 14, retired airplane pilots, diplomats, MPs and court clerks, along with the staff at the Court of Audits and Parliament will see their pensions significantly reduced, up to levels 20 times lower than those they have received until now, after the recalculation process started by government. The Executive says special pensions being eliminated will create monthly savings of nearly 21 M RON to the state budget. According to data centralized so far by the National House of Pensions and other Social Insurance Rights (CNPAS), the biggest cut was operated to pilot pensions, down from RON 31,827 to 1,957, or from RON 1,928 to 1,839. The former employees at the Court of Audits, with pensions as high as RON 15,081, will now receive RON 2,193. Public servants working at Romania’s Parliament will have their pensions cut from RON 10,523 to 1,742, or from RON 1,466 to 1,397. Diplomats’ pensions will be reduced from RON 14,421 to 2,693, or from RON 12,361 to 2,515, yet, there are also pension amounts to rise from RON 2,081 to 3,876. Some of the MPs will have their pensions cut from RON 5,596 to 1,481, while other will see pension rises from RON 4,210 to 7,620.

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