Yiddish Culture Festival – Schedule& Venues


10 am- Jewish Community Centre

Shtetl and its World-colloquy featuring Prof. Dr. Liviu Rotman, Dr. Emil Rennert – Austria, Dr. Simon Geissbuhler, Switzerland

4.30 pm-Union Cinema

Itzic Manger – Documentary presented by director Radu Gabrea

7 pm – Big Synagogue

Kabalat Shabat


10 am – Jewish Community Centre

Yiddishland – round table moderated by Dr. Aurel Vainer

7 pm – Jewish State Theatre

“Alein ist die Neshume rein” – “Onto himself the soul is pure” featuring Yaakov Bodo & Misha Blecharovitz – Yiddishpiel Theater – Israel

9 pm – Green Hours 22 Club Jazz Café

Vienna Klezmer Band (Austria)


11 am – Peasant Museum

Concert Hakeshet Klezmer Band (Romania), Jewish Dance “Hora” group (Romania), Mames Babegenush (Denmark)

5.30 pm – Green Hours

Mazel Tov Klezmer Band (Romania), Presburger Klezmer Band (Slovakia)

8.30 pm – Jewish Community Centre

Yiddish Experience – Maia Morgenstern & Radu Captari

Highlight: Vienna Klezmer Band (Austria)

When a concertmaster from Vienna, a Jewish singer from Czernowitz, an accordion player from Kiev who is a master on the panflute, a base player from Hungary and a drummer from Stammersdorf get together you create “World Music”. A form of playing music, without borders and boundaries that reconciles and connects five cultures into a joint new form. “These songs in Moll can be tears of joy or a smile amongst tears. The lyrics are modest in their simplicity, moving in their humour and profound in the way they express humility, joy or sadness. “Let it be mine”, says a song, “Give me your suffering, before you suffer and your sadness, before you are sad.”

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