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June 13, 2021

Head of Giulesti hospital intensive care ward, facing criminal probe

Dr. Adrian Toma, the head of Giulesti Maternity Hospital’s intensive care ward where five newborn babies died in a fire, will be criminally prosecuted, being charged with negligence. “The evidence gathered until now have revealed that the defendant, as head of the newborns’ ward, erroneously managed the existing human resources and failed to take the necessary managerial measures in order to have two medical staff members within the newborns’ intensive care ward as stipulated by law, against the backdrop in which the number of newborns in the ward was constantly surpassing the allowed number,” a release from the prosecutor’s office points out. Five babies died and six were injured in a severe fire that gutted the Giulesti Maternity’s intensive care ward on August 16. Florentina Cirstea, the nurse that was not present in the ward when the fire started has been placed on 29-day remand. Vasile Dima, head of the hospital’s technical service is investigated at large. The maternity hospital’s entire leadership was suspended pending the investigation’s completion. The decision was taken by Bucharest General Mayor Sorin Oprescu shortly after the health minister called for the sacking of the maternity hospital’s managerial team. The maternity has been closed until the investigation is completed.

Meanwhile, two weeks after the tragedy, the injured babies’ state of health is unchanged. One of the babies has severe injuries and is in a critical condition, the five others being in a stable condition, with their injuries having a favourable evolution. The baby in critical condition has extensive burns and severe respiratory injuries, being still dependent on life support machines, a release issued by the representatives of Bucharest’s ‘Grigore Alexandrescu’ hospital shows, quoted by Mediafax. The six injured babies were hospitalised at ‘Grigore Alexandrescu’ on August 16.

Hospital to open by month’s end

The rehabilitation works within Giulesti Maternity Hospital’s intensive care ward are completed in proportion of 70 per cent two weeks after the fire and the unit could be reopened soon, at the end of September. “We would like for the first baby to be born within the Giulesti Maternity Hospital at the end of September. Rehabilitation works are 70 per cent completed; in the next two weeks we will equip the intensive care ward,” Marius Savu, director of the Bucharest Administration of Hospitals and Medical Services, stated for Mediafax.

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