Opposition unimpressed, PDL doubts no-confidence vote success

Main opposition parties reiterated their belief that the government reshuffle will not actually solve the country’s problem and announced that they were moving on with plans to file a no-confidence vote soon. Democrat Liberals meanwhile say no such motion has any chances to succeed this year and hint that another reshuffle might be operated in a few months.

SOCIAL DEMOCRAT LEADER VICTOR PONTA said on Friday that the reshuffle was only a “skirmish between mafia groups inside PDL” and underlined that the opposition is determined to focus on the upcoming no-confidence vote and on assuring a new Parliament majority. He described Sebastian Vladescu’s removal from the finance minister position as a “stupid” act, coming only a month before the release of the 2011 budget and amid negotiations with the international Monetary Fund and the European Commission. He added that the reshuffle was only a “first stage” in the political battle inside PDL.

CONSERVATIVE PARTY LEADER DANIEL CONSTANTIN too said the new cabinet would last two months at most, during which time the opposition will form the necessary majority to assure safe passage for a no-confidence vote. He explained that after a new majority is set up, the opposition will set up a transition government to manage the country six months at most, until early elections. In the context, Constantin warned that if the opposition waits until scheduled legislative elections in 2012 and doesn’t oust the current government, there is a risk that “there won’t be anything left to govern.”

LIBERAL PARTY VICE PRESIDENT VARUJAN VOSGANIAN believes the reshuffle is actually an attempt from the PDL to protect its people, sending less important members into the executive. “This reshuffle is not a serious one,” he said, adding that the new government will be even weaker than the previous one, hinting that the six fresh ministers are more incompetent than their predecessors.

But the reshuffle was welcome by DEMOCRAT LIBERAL MEP CRISTIAN PREDA, one of the party members who repeatedly criticised the previous cabinet’s activity. Preda wrote on his blog on Saturday that the reshuffle reveals the increased political power of PDL lawmakers, praising the fact that most new ministers are deputies or senators.

PDL VICE PRESIDENT IOAN OLTEAN meanwhile said it was possible to have a new reshuffle in a couple of months, given the unpopular and unattractive anti-crisis measures. Oltean said that given this situation, he did not rule out the possibility that PM Boc’s term ends before due time. “We don’t rule out this alternative, we are not starting from the idea that Boc will end his term in 2012,” when scheduled, he said. He added that the reshuffle was not meant as a sanction against replaced ministers, but as a “breath of air” for the government.

PDL FIRST VICE PRESIDENT ADRIEAN VIDEANU said that in his opinion, no no-confidence vote has any chances to succeed this year, underlining that the reshuffle might bring more credibility to the cabinet.

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