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December 7, 2021

Public sector employees with party affiliations cannot be fired, media

The government will issue a law that makes public sector employees that have party affiliations exempt from sacking, ‘Jurnalul National’ daily claims. According to the new provisions included in the unitary salary law, the persons appointed to office on the basis of political criteria will have immunity, the aforementioned source claims. The unitary salary law favours the emergence of a privileged category of public sector employees, namely those persons appointed to leadership positions on the basis of political criteria. These persons will not be affected by the wave of job cuts. The new salary law that the government will take responsibility for stipulates that in case of restructuring the public sector employees that hold leadership positions will be moved to other state institutions on vacant offices. If vacant offices do not exist they will be created so that the aforementioned persons will keep both their salaries and leadership positions. The immunity of persons appointed to offices on the basis of political criteria existed before too.

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