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March 23, 2023

MCSI: IT education – a disaster in Romania

Although the Romanian school of informatics has been at the forefront of science in the past, today the country is lagging behind in terms of IT education, Communications Minister Valerian Vreme stated yesterday. “You’ll see municipalities where civil servants graduated ECDL courses, but they don’t even know how to start up a computer. The Romanian school of informatics was good enough, but certain dysfunctions have appeared these years, and we are all guilty for this situation,” Vreme said, quoted by Agerpres. According to the new minister of Communications, IT training is part of the policies enforced by the Ministry of Communications and IT (MCSI). In the future, MCSI will focus its strategy on acquiring “open-source” software, the minister announced. According to the official, Romanians will be able to pay online their dues to the state, at both central and local level, starting next year.

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