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February 9, 2023

Ten Spanish photographers in collective exhibition

The subjects of works on display at the National Contemporary Art Museum (MNAC) between September 16 and October 10 range from history-laden images and rural landscapes to customs and portraits.

Brought together under the title “Itinerarios afines/ Intineraries. Affinities”, the works of ten Spanish photographers document the state of this art in contemporary Spain, acting as a panorama of the various ways of approaching the photographic medium and the richness of proposals it affords, HotNews reports.

The exhibition curator opted for established photographers, boasting an important artistic trajectory and having earned recognition in their homeland or – as far as some are concerned – even outside its borders, born around the sixth decade or younger, also active in the international art scene. History-laden shots of old battlefields, images depicting rural Spain or Sunday feasts, painted portraits and Cuban urban landscapes, all these facets of the present are represented in the exhibition.

Cristina García Rodero, Alberto García-Alix, Ferran Freixa, Cristóbal Hara, Chema Madoz, Ángel Marcos, Ouka Leele and Javier Vallhonrat are part of the generation born at the end of the 1940s and ‘50s. Some of them – the likes of Ferran Freixa, Alberto García-Alix, Cristina García Rodero or Cristóbal Hara – work in the field of traditional or documentary photography, others – and this goes for Chema Madoz, Ángel Marcos, Javier Vallhonrat and Ouka Leele – approach the discipline from a more poetic, pictorial or conceptual perspective. Xavier Ribas and Bleda y Rosa represent the 1960s-born generation and illustrate both trends, the documentary-minded and the conceptual one.

In the selection of works, the curator focused, particularly, on aspects which may be of interest to the Romanian public and which are a fit reflection of Spanish culture, traditions and practices, being, at the same time, tributary to the iconography of 20th century history.

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