Eugen Curteanu – state secretary in MDRT

The deputy president of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Ioan Oltean stated yesterday, for Agerpres, that the former state secretary in the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDRT) Ioan Andreica would be replaced by Eugen Curteanu, at present a Bistrita alderman. Oltean stated that the document hadn’t been signed by the prime-minister Emil Boc yet, but that the decision had been made at a political level, so that Eugen Curteanu’s appointment in office is merely a formality. Eugen Curteanu is 36 and is a legal adviser within the National Regulation Authority for Community Services (ANRSC) Bucharest. In the political echelon, he holds the office of deputy president of the PDL Bistrita county organization and is an alderman on behalf of the party, on his second term. Andreica stepped down last week from his position in the ministry led by Elena Udrea, saying he should clear the way for younger people.

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