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November 29, 2022

PM urges Deputies to adopt Pensions’ Law

While defending the new Bill, Emil Boc warned MPs to not compromise the chance for economic recovery and for the co-financing of European projects. PSD will vote the law only if pension point’s level is set at 45 per cent of gross average salary.

In a speech given within the Lower Chamber on this occasion, the Head of Government ex­plained that the government’s purpose with the draft pensions’ law is to ensure the payment of pensions on the medium and long term. Boc stated that this law is a first step towards lowering the pensions’ budget deficit, pointing out that if the option proposed by the government is adopted there will still be the need to earmarked EUR 3 bln from the state budget in order to cover the pensions’ budget’s deficit in 2011. The Prime Minister also pointed out that if the government’s option is not adopted the deficit will stand at EUR 5 bln in 2011. He urged the Deputies not to compromise the chance for economic recovery and for the co-financing of European projects. The Head of Government added that the real retirement age is smaller than the one stipulate by law for both women and men. “It’s no longer possible to retire very quickly and to have very high pensions too. We cannot carry on with this approach,” the Premier warned.

In his turn, PSD President Victor Ponta stated that the Social-Democrat MPs will vote in favour of this draft if the plenum accepts the amendment according to which the pension point will stand at 45 per cent of the gross average wage. Ponta pointed out that this amendment, already accepted by the Labour Commission, is a promise that all parties, including PDL, have made during the elections campaign.

“Funds for keeping the pensions as they are today exist, with two conditions – the ones governing today should be less incompetent and corrupt and should lie less,” Ponta underlined. He asked the Prime Minister to explain how come some pensions are growing during this period while others are dropping.

He reproached Premier Emil Boc for speaking a lot without saying what was most important, namely that pensioners will be made to pay for what the government fails to obtain either out of incompetence or out of corruption.

MP Ludovic Orban stated that PNL will back the amendments adopted by the Labour Commission and that the Liberals will vote against the law in case they are not approved.

A day before, the Lower Chamber’s Labour Commission adopted the report on the draft pensions’ law with 12 votes in favour and 8 abstentions, thus placing the value of a pension point at 45 per cent of the gross average salary. The amendment was filed by PSD and PNL. Labour Minister Ioan Botis stated that this provision will push the budget deficit from RON 10 bln in 2010 to RON 21.5 bln in 2011. Another amendment adopted by the Labour Commission stipulates that women will retire at the age of 63, while men will be able to do the same at the age of 65.

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