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October 24, 2021

Basescu’s era has come to an end, writer Mircea Cartarescu says

Writer Mircea Cartarescu, one of president Traian Basescu’s supporters in the latest years, reached the conclusion that “Basescu’s era has come to an end.”

In an interview to ‘Observatorul cultural’ quoted by ‘Gandul’ newspaper, Cartarescu said the president’s era ‘with its good and bad’ is over. He said he began to analyze the local political scene by chance, being attracted by “the wish to push things forward (…) to cut the links with the past and to lead the country towards a democratic and civilized world.”

Cartarescu said he had believed a lot in liberalism and had trusted two political personalities: Presidents Emil Constantinescu and Traian Basescu, as he thought they represent the forces capable of fighting the ‘PSD restoration.’

“I supported as much as I could Basescu, who had defeated Adrian Nastase (the unmistakably evil, for me) in 2004 elections; he succeeded in setting up CNSAS, in reviving justice for a certain period of time, during Monica Macovei’s office as Justice Minister, in condemning communism.” Cartarescu believes the source of downturn comes from the wrangle between the president and the liberals. “The Basescu-Tariceanu divorce (meaning the PDL-PNL one) that led to the breaking up of the DA Alliance is the original sin of the current political era and the origin of today’s decay. It depends on how we see things: the guilty ones are either the liberals, or Basescu.”

For Cartarescu the president’s era is over, and he does not trust politicians anymore. ‘The same as former president Emil Constantinescu, Traian Basescu has become the prisoner of the Romanian political system, which is corrupt and evil. Ever since I realized Basescu is not able to change things in Romania, I just could not write with the confidence I used to. Now I trust no direction and no politician. Right now the lost cause in Romanian politics is Romania,” Cartarescu said.

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