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July 31, 2021

Police officers, asked to stop working overtime, as a sign of protest

Civil servants are not the only category of employees that will protest this month. They are joined by Police officers, who announced they will start a general strike on September 20. The ‘Pro Lex’ trade union even recommended its members to stop working overtime, without written order from their chiefs, and to cease financing from their own money the logistic deficit of their precincts and units. In a press release issued yesterday, the National Union of Police and Customs Officers also threaten to call a widespread protest if authorities send its members on unpaid leave.

In their turn the Border Police officers of Constanta County and the staff of the Constanta County Border Police Inspectorate will limit their activity, as of September 20, in a protest against the salary cuts and layoffs decided by authorities. The president of the Constanta Territorial Bureau of the National Union of Police and Contract-Based Personnel (SNPPC), Chief Commissary Ion Vasilica yesterday announced that the protest of Border Police officers is not – and should not be seen as – a strike. In his turn, SNPPC President Marin Gruia said on Wednesday that union members will reduce their activity as of Monday: they will stop participating in the hearings conducted in criminal investigations, and they will no longer direct the traffic and fine the offenders. The Police union leader added that officers will only do 75 pc of their work, because they are paid 75 pc of salaries.


However, according to the General Inspectorate of Ro­manian Police (IGPR), the work of a Police officer has a permanent and mandatory character and he may not go on strike, or participate in such protest, under the acting legislation. “(…) The Police officer has the legal obligation to fulfill any duty provided by his profession and to report any violation of the law, he must promptly respond and solve the situation, as provided by the specific prerogatives of the public function he is holding. Police officers may voice their discontentment while they are off duty, as stipulated by the acting legislation,” reads a press release issued by IGPR.

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