Interior Ministry body eyes higher capacity to provide intelligence

The General Intelligence and Internal Protection Direction (DGIPI) launched, on Friday, the project “The Implementation of the National Integrated System for the Management of Intelligence and Strategic-Operational Activity”, a project co-financed out of the European Social Fund by the 2007-2013 Operational Program for the Development of the Administrative Capacity, according to Agerpres.

The main goal of the project is to perfect decisional management in the area of national security and public order policies and strategies, meant to counteract, mainly, threats on the constitutional rule, asymmetric threats, risks and liabilities in the fields of economy, finance, energy security and environmental protection in the building of the European transport corridors.

The project is meant to enhance the administrative capacity of DGIPI as the main intelligence provider for the administrative decision-makers. It will be running for 24 months. “(…) The intelligence we offer is meant to prevent and oppose crime in order to ensure a safe climate for citizens in the public space,” the general director of DGIPI, police inspector Stefan Pop, stated. According to the latter, based on the informative material, the intelligence has to be converted into evidence and it is in everybody’s interest that this is done faster, better and more effectively. As regards the liabilities and risks that police officers are facing in the present context of the recession, Pop argued that the role of DGIPI is to prevent law enforcers from violating professional deontology, and to ensure, in case they should trespass, that each is made accountable to the law, first and foremost as a citizen of the country.

In his turn, the state secretary in the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs (MAI), the head of the Public Safety and Order Department, Dan Valentin Fatuloiu, argued that this project is meant “to join institutional memory”, to allow top management to anticipate and to take proactive measures. The MAI official also referred to the development of this project in the context of Romania’s joining the Schengen Area. “Our joining this Area determines us to reconfigure our strategies by keeping pace with the European ones. One of the components of the joining process is enhancing the capacity to analyze intelligence in a European space, a space defined in terms of liberties, rights and public security,” Fatuloiu explained. The total value of the project is RON 7,305,736 (VAT not included), out of which RON 1,095,860 are accounted by DGIPI’s co-financing.

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