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August 12, 2022

Ombudsman urges MPs to ‘fix’ controversial ordinance

Ombudsman Ioan Muraru sent Parliament leaders a letter signalling serious legislative drawbacks both in the Emergency Ordinance 58/2010 on royalty contracts and in the application norms for this ordinance, according to daily ‘Jurnalul National.’ Since the letter was sent after the Senate in extraordinary session passed the ordinance, the Ombudsman’s objections were sent to the Chamber of Deputies’ budget-finance committee, which is yet set to debate and vote on the document. One of the main problems signalled by the Ombudsman is that the ordinance, which modifies the current Tax Code, includes a text that refers to social contributions. But the Ombudsman underlines that these contributions are generally regulated by special laws, not by the Tax Code. The letter also shows that the ordinance regulates “taxation of any kind of incomes of professional nature, other than salary rights,” a provision seen by the Ombudsman as “too vague, so it cannot be clearly established which kind of incomes it regards or whether it refers to independent or dependent activities.” In the meantime, to avoid the chaos triggered last month, when thousands of people queued for hours to pay their social contributions at three different institutions, authorities decided to make available the possibility of paying two contributions at a single office. Thus, starting this month, people who have incomes from royalty contracts will be able to pay their pension and unemployment contributions to any of the two institutions, according to daily ‘Adevarul’.

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