Oxford Analytica: Romanians too disappointed to get involved in politics

Romania is heavily criticised in an analysis conducted by prestigious Oxford Analytica policy institute, released last Thursday and quoted by Realitatea.net. The report, called “Romania: the system excludes the energetic and idealistic,” shows many Ro­manians have not yet separated from communist era mentalities and that people are too disappointed to get involved in political events.

The report indicates that Romania still has many features that stalled its development after the fall of communism in December 1989 and that millions of Romanians who hold values and energy to help the country head the right way are excluded from power.

In Romania, there are no projects for national development or competitive programmes, but middle-class Romanians see politics as a vulgar media show and have too much apathy to try and replace discredited parties with new ones, the report also shows.

The study also shows that Romanians who are very well prepared professionally are disappointed by very low salaries in the country and prefer to seek employment abroad. The healthcare system and the education system are devastated by corruption and deplorable conditions in institutions that are essential to maintaining civilized living standards have also had a major influence on many young professionals’ decision to seek jobs and a better life abroad, the Oxford Analytica study concludes.

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