Pamela Anderson in exclusive charity event

Pamela Anderson attended a posh charity event, organized in Romania. One of the world’s most admired beauties arrived, on Friday evening, at Snagov Palace. The first to step out of the car were the bodyguards, who made sure no one would bother the diva. The woman millions of men admire was wearing a long black gown, with daring cuts around the waist and a neckline which no one could keep their eyes off. In a relaxed mood, Pamela Anderson showered everyone with smiles. At 43, the star of Baywatch is in top shape, but stated – in an exclusive interview to – that there’s more to life than beauty. In her view, generosity is much more important, in this world filled with problems. Alongside Pamela Anderson, 300 girls entertained the guests. The menu included dishes from the Japanese, Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine.

It was the first time such a party was organized in Europe. Pamela Anderson worships the man who made her famous worldwide, Hugh Hefner, the owner of Playboy magazine. The blonde actress seems to have liked everything she has seen in Bucharest and particularly at the Snagov Palace. She stated it reminded her of her own home in California. On Saturday afternoon Pamela Anderson left Romania, the country where she was treated like a queen.

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