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September 24, 2021

Prices of train and subway tickets raised by 8 pc

The price of train tickets will be raised by 8 per cent, as of Monday, the Romanian Railway Passengers’ Transport (CFR Calatori) announces, in a release remitted to HotNews.ro. The company explained it would maintain facilities granted to commuters, school pupils and students. The latest raise in train tickets prices occurred in September 2007, when prices were raised by 8.1 per cent.

Metrorex also raised prices this week. As of Saturday, a two-route pass costs RON 3, while a 10 route-one costs RON 9. The price of a one day-pass was raised to RON 5.50, while the 62-route monthly pass now costs RON 27. The Ministry of Transports announced, on September 1, that CFR Calatori and Metrorex would raise tariffs, as of September 15, by 8 per cent. The Government committed to the IMF to raise tariffs applied by ten public companies reporting the biggest losses, including CFR Calatori and CFR Marfa (Freight), Metrorex, Termoelectrica and the National Roads and Highways Company.

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